This page is not entitled Weight Loss – and why should it be? Generally when I am running around my house with 2 minutes to go before I need to be at the school gate searching frantically for my lost car keys I am desperate to find them – and normally when we lose something we want to find it again or we simply do find it again without thinking. A little bit like losing 2 stone after a lot of struggle and dieting and then blinking and 6 months later its all back again but a special little bit extra has also come along and added itself on!

Why you are overweight

People are overweight because the Maths is not correct – if you eat the same amount equal to the amount of energy you exert then you will remain the same weight. If you eat less that the energy you exert – you will reduce your weight and if you eat more – you will add to your body mass. How you store this weight, what you eat to enable you to store this extra weight and where you do it (nibbling while watching telly a lovely box of chocolates perhaps or toast with lots of butter first thing in the morning?) is up to you. Whatever it is you do works and works very well in some cases!

Do it on your own?

So I have to tell you a truth – you can change your weight on your own simply by eating less, exercising and putting your eating energies into something else – preferably something that makes you feel good and you are the best person to decide what that might be.

Now if you were sitting eating whole boxes of chocolates at night or eating loads of food constantly then I would definitely say come along and have some sessions. I will work with you to break the triggers to eating. I look at the concerns you have and where you need support with eating less and getting more active.

And also there are times when we eat to damp down emotions that cause us pain or worry or concerns and I’ll work with you on that if it’s relevant to you. Other people simply have a challenge with food because there is just so much of it available and it is everywhere even when we go to pay for petrol we are tempted so its looking at our resposes to triggers and actually putting ourselves back in charge of our health and well being 

How long does it take?

This is me* "before"     -    and "after"


Each individual is unique and as such I cannot say how many sessions you will specifically require but if you wish to contact me either by phone, text or email, then I can call you and we can chat through how I may be able to support you in achieving your goals.

* Results may vary from individual to individual

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