Holistic Partners

I have been fortunate to meet and work with some wonderful therapists, some of whom have become close friends. As a consequence we have come to recommend our clients to each other, as sometimes more than one therapy may be needed to address the different challenges presenting themselves. Or sometimes another therapy may be more appropriate for the client’s needs. In addition I've listed some books/sites etc that maybe of interest to people. 

Kim Steer  


Kim practices Classical Five Element Acupuncture and, as well as having a busy clinic in Orpington, she was the exclusive acupuncturist at Harrods for 5 years. Kim’s speciality is fertility.

Deborah Goodman


Holistic Therapist and Infant massage. Deborah is an amazing Reflexologist and Massage Therpaist in addition to being an author and Workshop Organiser. She is a wonderful person to visit to have a totally relaxing experience.

Lee Lam 

www.leelam.co.uk for business 

Lee works instigating change for people, teams ans businesses. She is a Disrupter and believes that the Status Quo should be constantly challenged and validated. If oyur looking for support especially within change in your business etc then do look at Lee and her amazing work.

www.journeythroughtheguilttrip.co.uk for personal growth 


Books to read , sites to look at "things" for your personal growth unique to you. 

Anything by Brene Brown basically - look at her books but also do search her out on YouTube and Ted Talks as well as SoulSunday.

Amanda Gore - an amazing Australian (what is it about the Antipodeans that makes them so great! ) you will find her on YouTube and search she has her own sites and just has a joyous approach to life. 

Ted Talks - theres so much interesting stuff there go follow links see what you learn and discover - even disagreeing with things allows us to learn. 

Emapthy- anything that helps you to connect and feel emapthy will support you in your growth. There is a growing movement now for people to ensure they connect on a human level. While phones are great for finding out "stuff" its a tool to be controlled not controlled by. So look around, read, share and enjoy. 

The Honest Guys on YouTube. Theres a lot of bad stuff out there to "help you" to relax etc but these guys do amazing work from quick relaxations to long their work is great.