Who am I ?

Now there's a question! My name is Jan Dannenburg. I originally come from New Zealand and arrived in the UK 30 years ago for a “short trip”. Husband and children have meant I have stayed and I love being here. In my previous life I worked as a Stockbroker in NZ and then on arriving in the UK I worked from UK Stockbrokers before becoming a Principal Management Consultant within Worldwide Financial Institutions.

Under pressure

After a long period of working in The City of London I found myself juggling an awful lot of balls at one time and panicking that I would drop them. I found myself disappearing under the pressures of work and home and couldn’t quite figure out what to do about it. I knew I had a “problem” but not what the solution was. So I ended up going to a Hypnotherapist after an acquaintance recommended someone to me for a “chat”.

Through Hypnotherapy I found myself able to resolve outstanding issues that I’d been carrying around in my life for far too long. I also set myself goals and found a way to achieve them. I didn’t achieve them all but then some of them changed as I did achieve others. I still set myself goals – both short and long term – and find that although some of them change they all lead me on along this road I’m travelling.

A new alternative

Hypnotherapy opened my eyes and mind to a different alternative to the life I was living (or more like wading through really) and I decided to leave my work and retrain.

I retrained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the London College of Hypnotherapy.  I have been practising now since 2002 and I also participate in Continual Personal Development Courses with a range or organisations to ensure that I am up to date with all the current practices.