The consultation process and charges

So what happens when you come to see me? 

Well you chat, I ask questions and we work out what you want help for. This may be something straightforward or it maybe complex. It also can alter as we progress. There is such a wide range of issues that people want help with that they could take up pages here but if you’ve decided you want to achieve resolution to a challenge then we will work on that. It may be a phobia, a general unsettled response to life or a medical condition such as IBS, which has been diagnosed by a doctor but for which you would like to explore additional options of treatment.

The initial appointment may involve only discussion or it may include discussion and therapy. It is dependant on how the hour evolves and there is no right or wrong way for the time to go. Subsequent sessions will involve a brief chat about how you are and how things have been and then therapy will commence. I like to work on a framework of 3 appointments initially to be made and expect most people to need at least 3 appointments as you are making changes. “Old habits die hard” is an old saying, which bears true sometimes and learning new habits, and ways of being generally requires some time.

I use Hypnotherapy to help people towards resolution of their issues. I do not offer a 100% guarantee of success but I do offer a 100% commitment on my part towards working with you to achieve resolution. You too need to make a commitment towards making changes and attempting to find resolutions. You will be given homework and asked to undertake work in -between appointments. This is for your benefit and helps.

I help people with numerous concerns that they may have as well as helping people to move on. I believe that the solution is within all our hands and I like to empower people to look for the solutions within. I utilise Solution Based Therapy (SBT) within my Practice to enable people to achieve their goals. The road we have travelled to get where we are now is what was, building goals and working towards achieving them is establishing the road we wish to travel from now on. They do not have to be hard and fast and set in stone but can guide us and direct us towards our future.


The costs are £80 per session for the first three sessions and  £180 for Stop SmokingNOW  which is a a 2-hour one-off session. I get asked a lot nowadays if  I have "Special  Offers" or  "Deals" and I have thought long and hard about this. The reason why I dont offer "6 sessions for a special price if paid for all at once no refunds " is simply you may not need six sessions I simply dont know - people respond differently and in their own way. I have experienced patients where I think I may need 6 sessions and we resolve their challenge in 3, others where it has needed more sessions than initally thought. What I do though now is after the first three sessions if additional sessions are needed these will then be charged at a rate of £60.

People are unique, the process is individual and it is therapy after all and needs the time and space it needs. My first session is up to two hours long and I give time and space to my patients. I do understand finances though and whilst it is preferable to have the first three sessions within 1 or 2 weeks of each other after that they can be spaced out to meet financial needs.