What is hypnotherapy ?

For details of what Hypnotherapy can help with - please click here.

And so what is The Therapy?

Well it's Hypnotherapy and means that Therapy is undertaken while you are in an altered state and how this will be for you will be different to how it is for others.

The general explanation for Hypnotherapy is as follows:

Hypnotherapy is a natural occurring state similar to daydreaming. If you’ve ever been totally absorbed in a great book or suddenly come out of a pleasant reverie then you have been experiencing a light trance state and it is similar to that state you are in as you relax into sleep.

Hypnotherapy a different state of consciousness which you can naturally enter and undertake beneficial changes directly with your unconscious mind. In this way Hypnotherapy enables us to get in touch with our “inner self” (the unconscious mind), which can hold unrecognised potentials as well as being a storeroom for many of our problems.

Nobody can be hypnotised against his or her will and even when people are in trance they can reject any suggestions given if they are not appropriate. The session is for your benefit and is under your control”.

Now I agree with most of that but I disagree with the statement that I can’t make you do anything you do not want to do – if that was 100% correct then why would you come to me? What I am here for is to gain change within you. This means that I work with you to obtain change. For example if you have had a fear of say spiders for a long time then you will take time to readjust that into its correct healthy alternative. At first the mention of spiders in discussion might make you feel uncomfortable but your goal is to overcome that so we work through it and achieve the end result.

I am governed by the rules and regulations of both my Professional Organisations British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) * and General Hypnotherapy Register* to behave in a Professional and Legal manner. I am more than happy for you to record the sessions if you wish and you can also bring someone else along to sit in on the session. Whatever makes you happy and content is what will work well for all of us.

For details of what Hypnotherapy can help with - please click here.

NHS logos and Provider numbers on websites: Any hypnotherapist can apply for and receive an NHS Provider Number. It DOES NOT mean that we are authorised by the NHS it only means that we can provide a service via the NHS should they want to use our services. Putting this NHS Provider number onto our website or brochure could imply they are specifically approved by the NHS - which would be incorrect and in fact we are NOT allowed to put this number onto websites as it could be misleading to prospective patients