Parts Therapy

There are times when I may utilize a type of therapy called Parts Therapy. This page  will give you some details of what it is and, if together we feel this is a good option for you, we will undertake this therapy process.

What is Parts Therapy?

Before I start to answer this question let me ask you another important question: how often have you experienced inner conflicts and “self talk” that inhibit successful attainment of important goals or interferes with your progress in life?

As a Hypnotherapist I often use proven techniques to help clients change undesired habits and behaviours or to achieve desired personal and professional goals. Yet, despite the best efforts of both client and myself the unresolved inner conflicts often inhibit clients from attaining their ideal empowerment. Parts therapy may provide the answer!

Charles Tebbetts is often given credit for originating parts therapy, yet he actually borrowed this technique from Paul Federn. Tebbetts evolved Parts Therapy into a much more client-centered technique and Roy Hunter who trained with Tebbetts has updated Parts work over the years since Tebbetts passing. I was privileged enough to train in Parts Therapy with Roy Hunter in 2006.

The Simple Definition of Parts Therapy

Parts therapy is based on the concept that our personality is composed of a number of various parts. Our personality parts are aspects of the subconscious, each with their respective jobs or functions of the inner mind. In other words, we tend to wear many different hats as we walk through the path of life.

To explain using myself as an example I tell clients about my inner child that desires to go to a movie in the evening and pay whatever the evening prices are regardless but there is also the “saver” part of me that tells me to consider the first session of the day offers at a lower price or even wait until it comes out on DVD in order to pay less. While my conscious mind normally makes the decision, I am still aware of both conflicting desires originating from these two parts of myself.

As an example many dieters are aware of the desire to reduce their weight, yet often feel temporarily overpowered by a conflicting desire to indulge in junk food. Smokers often make another promise to quit, only finding that one more promise literally goes up in smoke. You can be aware of your conflicting desires, emanating from our personality parts, and within Parts Therapy we talk this through.

Please note that I do NOT employ Parts therapy during a client's first session. Rather, I use suggestion and imagery to provide an enjoyable first trance journey, and then wait until maybe a couple of sessions in before possibly utilizing Parts Therapy depending on responses and progress achieve in previous sessions.

Why Is Parts Therapy Effective?

Parts Therapy is a great facilitator allowing us to find the resolution from our own minds when we seem to be stuck in a pattern of behavior that we wish to resolve. It is a Client-centered therapy which helps clients attain greater empowerment, because the power to change truly lies within the client rather than in the therapist.