Hypnosis is the most effective way to give up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.  Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little.”  
New Scientist, vol. 136, issue 1845, page 6

I decided to write a page for you on stopping smoking. There are vast amounts of information out there telling you about how Hypnotherapy can help you but this is my take on it all so to speak and this is how I work.

People have often heard of friends or relations who have stopped smoking utilising Hypnotherapy to achieve this goal. Patients go along to a one hour long session and stop and if this works for them then that is great. I work slightly differently to this because I chose to do so and because I feel that the methods I use on the whole work well for my patients and for me as well.

Changing yourself with a Stop Smoking Session

For this I utilise a single session methodology to enable you to Stop Smoking. The session will take between one and a half hours and two hours and a detailed  personal history of your relationship with smoking will be sent to you to complete before you come along.

Time is given to allow you to express any concerns that you may have - it is common for people to be fearful of stopping or to have other concerns around stopping smoking such as their weight etc and these concerns can all be disucssed in the session. The more information the better. Hypnotherapy itself is a relaxing process like daydreaming on a warm summers day and can leave  the patient feeling calm and balanced afterwards. The Smoking Habit and the triggers associated with it are broken within the session and walked away from. Remember you were not born with a cigarette in your mouth and it is a skill you have learned – therefore you can unlearn it.

The cost for this is session £150.00 and incluses a free back up 30 minute session if needed within 8 weeks of the inital session. 

Additional concerns

Sometimes smokers believe that when they Stop Smoking they will experience the problem of putting on weight. There is no psychological reason why this should occur except for the fact that you start stuffing more food in your mouth! Please discuss this or any concerns with me and we can work through them in therapy.

Remember the decision to Stop Smoking is hard but you can congratulate yourself on having made that decision. Hypnotherapy can help you to put that decision into action.

If you start smoking after 8 weeks  while you are more than welcome to come back for adjustments and reaffirming the process you will be charged £180 – if you have stopped for 4 days the nicotine has gone from your system so you have no need to start again and if you do you will be charged.Your paying a lot to carry on with the habit.  A packet of cigarettes at the moment (2017 ) can be  £9.99 a packet x 30 days per month £299.70  a month.